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Time of Namaz

  • ফজর
  • যোহর
  • আছর
  • মাগরিব
  • এশা
  • সূর্যোদয়
  • ৩:৫০
  • ১১:৫৯
  • ৪:৩৪
  • ৬:৪২
  • ৮:০৬
  • ৫:১২


Jamiatul Modarechin is taking relief from the house of the unemployed

Khairul Islam Al Amin: The Corona virus is a catastrophic world. Bangladesh is not outside. General leave and lockdown are under the direct direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In this situation, the unemployed have become unemployed. Relief is being distributed among the deprived of the benefit of the government nationwide. Besides, the largest non-political organization of Madrasa and Aleem society, Bangladesh Jamiatul Modareshin decided to stand beside the afflicted people.As part...