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Time of Namaz

  • ফজর
  • যোহর
  • আছর
  • মাগরিব
  • এশা
  • সূর্যোদয়
  • ৪:৩৬
  • ১১:৫৩
  • ৪:১১
  • ৫:৫৬
  • ৭:০৯
  • ৫:৪৭


Daily Mymensingh Pratidins Reporter Meeting-2020 held

Staf Reporter: Dr. Idris Khan, editor and publisher of Mymensingh Pratidin, a national newspaper published from Mymensingh, said that Mymensingh Pratidin will be taken forward as a symbol of people's confidence in the welfare of the people by appointing journalists after evaluating their merits. "Earlier, I hired someone to run the magazine," he said. I'm trying to run the magazine differently than the way he runs it. He said this while addressing a press conference organized at Mymensingh DS...