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Allegations of irregularities against a PDB residential engineer in Ishwarganj

Updet: 2:05 am | June 08, 2020

Ishwarganj Correspondent:

There are allegations of various irregularities against PDB’s residential engineer Abdullah Al Noman in Mymensingh’s Ishwarganj. It is known that he was supposed to stay at work locally as a residential engineer but he lived in Mymensingh city instead of working.

At different times customers go to the office with different problems but he is not available. He does not receive calls from government mobile numbers. As a result, the customers have to face financial loss by falling into the clutches of the brokers. He also used the emergency electric car for daily commute to Mymensingh. He has to travel 4 times a day to Mymensingh Ishwarganj by government vehicle and as a result he is wasting government oil for his personal work. Meanwhile, people are lost in the suffering of electricity.

When it rains lightly, the electricity goes off. After a while Uki left again. As a result, electronic equipment is being destroyed. Asked about his various allegations, he said he was not willing to make any statement without the permission of the Press Secretary of the Power Development Board.