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“Ishwarganj Poribar” beside the killed Junaid’s Family

Updet: 6:05 pm | November 26, 2019

Ahmed Humayun Kabir:

Children of Wazkuruni Junaid killed in fire at Ishwarganj in Mymensingh beside the stands Social Development organization Facebook group “Ishwarganj poribar”.

On Sunday afternoon, admins and moderators of the “Ishwarganj poribar” visited their home and visited the child’s grave. Then handed over the clothes to the bereaved family, school textbooks, winter sheets and rice sacks.

Attending the meeting, Rajib Alamin, Parvez Bhuiyan, Khairul Islam Al Amin, Rejaul Karim Raju and moderators were Junaid Fakir, Ritu Rahman Himu, Farhad Ahmed and Emon.

Admin Parvez Bhuiyan of the “Ishwarganj poribar” said, “We administer and the moderator clothes for all members of the Junaid family. Our Upazila Executive Officer Umme Rumana Tua sir arranged textbooks, winter sheets, rice bags.

It is learned that on Friday, Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Umme Rumana Tua went to the house of the deceased Junaid and handed over the child’s father 25 thousand in cash and two blankets. He assured all the help of the children and sisters of the deceased.

On Thursday night, Wazkuruni Junaid, son of Dulal Mia, was burnt to death in his home in Narayanpur village of Uchhakila union. Everything in the world, including the books of her three sisters, was burnt to ashes.