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Quader warns BNP of stern action against anarchy

Updet: 6:04 pm | November 29, 2019

Awami League leader Obaidul Quader has warned the BNP that the government will take strong measures if their movement for the release of jailed party chief Khaleda Zia devolves into chaos and anarchy.

He issued the warning at the conference of the Awami Matsyajibi League on Friday in the wake of a recent clash between BNP activists and police near the Supreme Court.

Addressing the situation surrounding Khaleda, Quader said, “We have maintained that she is in jail as per the decree of the courts. They should fight for her release through the legal channels and the government will not intervene.”

“But they don’t believe in the rule of law or the justice system. They are trying to pressurise the courts by resorting to vandalism. They attacked the police and turned the court premises into a battlefield.”

The road transport minister urged the BNP to adopt a peaceful and democratic movement which the government could then deal with through the political process.

But Quader warned that the authorities will clamp down on any attempt to create chaos and disorder. “There will be an appropriate response to anarchy in the name of a movement.”